Friday, 16 September 2011

high teas & lots of cake

I have started collecting all sorts of different pretty print side plates for tea parties. Well, I haven't hosted any tea parties as yet ... but as soon as we find our perfect home with a perfect entertainment area I will, so friends, watch this space ... In the mean time I have started my little mismatch collection. These are the pretties I have bought so far.

Let me know if you come across or have seen any cute ones in store to add to my collection :)


  1. I Love that idea. Pop into the second hand shop near Tiffanys beach, next to the 7/11 when you are in Ballito- they have all sorts of tea cups and plates etc just like this for so cheap*

  2. So cute and pretty. Nice collection.

  3. Love your collection. I collect plates too. Will post on my blog soon.


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