Tuesday, 19 February 2013

favourite spaces & places

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Dreamy bedroom. Love the striped carpet.
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Quirky and fun bathroom
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Wallpaper and bright blue chair! Beautiful contrast!
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Adore this wallpaper

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 Makes for a very entertaining bathroom
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Gorgeously colourful playroom!
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Light and bright

 These are pics I have collected over time from {pinterest}

Monday, 18 February 2013

shoes shoes shoes for me & for yous

Imagining winning shoes for a whole year! Every girls dream! {Zando} is currently running a competition to win shoes for a year. I have just entered {this compo}- Thought I would share it with you :)

PS: You also get a R100 voucher when you enter!

To enter click {HERE}

Thursday, 14 February 2013

for my valentine

happy valentines day

Happy Valentines Day to you all!

Valentines day is a VERY special day for hubby and I as it marks how long we have been 'an item'/ together.

A whole TEN YEARS ago my hubby and I shared our first kiss. I don't think I will ever forget that kiss. Goodness it was magical. It was the kiss that started it all. 
7 years down the line, on this very day, my hubs took me away to the most beautiful hotel in the middle of the KwaZulu Natal Drakensburg, took me up in a helicopter to one of the highest peaks there was, got down on one knee and proposed to me. We got married a few months later and the love we have for each other continually grows.

I adore this man and just so incredibly blessed to have him as mine. We have so much history. It is so special. Gosh I am one lucky lady!

Us, 10 years ago!


Shortly after saying YES!

On TOP of the world!

Just love this picture of my husband. I love how he is looking at me.


I hope you all have a super fantastic Valentines Day. If you are someone's Valentine, I hope he/she has something special planned. I know I certainly have a special surprise waiting for mine! 

my darling nephew

Let me introduce you to our newest family member.
Ryan Geoffrey Robert
Isn't he perfection?