Friday, 16 September 2011

dress weather legs

I have ridiculously pale skin. I have used many different kinds of self tanning creams & sprays and I must admit this one from Dove is my best. My fave thing is that it doesn't give off too much colour on the first application. It's very gradual so if I need some colour I will start applying it 3 / 4 days before I know I will be showing some skin. The scent isn't gross like pretty much all other self tanners I have used, it has a soft fruity smell, yum! The lotion is lightweight & doesn't take long to dry at all. It doesn't transfer onto clothes or sheets & lasts for about 2-3 days before it starts fading.

I highly recommend this! Builds nicely, natural colour, streak free (if you're careful), bargain price at 34 bucks. AND its REALLY moisturising, leaving your skin feeling nice & soft. Nice work Dove!

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