Friday, 20 December 2013

reflecting back on this year

 2013 has been the most incredible year for me.
BEST year of my life so far!
I wanted to share some of its highlights with you.
- The birth of my gorgeous nephew, Ryan on the 12 February 2013. This sweet boy has been such an incredible blessing in my life. And the things I have learned from him and his beautiful momma, my sister, have been truly invaluable.
- Our infertility struggle ... I put this here as at the time I hated the struggle, hated this journey we had been given but looking back, I wouldn't want to change it for anything. If you had asked me if I had wanted this struggle when I was given it, I would have begged and pleaded for you to please replace it with ANYTHING else! I knew, I have always known, that I wanted to be a mom so to have this taken away from me was the worst possible thing that could ever happen. But, in reflection, it was probably one of the best things I have ever been given. This struggle taught me so much about myself, I formed an incredible relationship with God, my faith grew to a place I never thought possible, the relationship with my husband also grew to another level, we learned so much about each other, our families and support structures, most importantly we learned how strong we are, and how much stronger we are with God as our centre. We learned and it was proved to us, that faith can literally move mountains.
- Finding out I was pregnant on 01 July 2013. A day I will NEVER forget!!
 The BIGGEST, most incredible blessing in my life!  
- My pregnancy experience. Oh, how I dreamed of this experience. Dreamed of how I would look, how I would feel, and how I would want to walk around in a bikini showing my growing bump off to the whole world. Ha ha. There were (many) a time where I was told this dream would never become a reality. How there would be a great chance of me not being able to carry my own baby,  and having to rather go through a surrogate or adoption. Also the thought of not being able to use my own eggs with their 'poor quality' so possibly not having a baby that has MY DNA. How that thought killed me every time I had to think about it. I longed to be able to carry my OWN baby with OUR DNA. 
And now, 7 and a half months along, reflecting back on this incredible miraculous experience. How us women are so blessed to be able to experience it. The gift of life growing in your belly. What a privilege. One I will never take for granted. 
I have loved every moment of pregnancy. I embraced the morning sickness, the 'fat' days, the pubescent skin and the extreme tiredness. I just love feeling my baby girl moving and grooving inside, kicking and pushing, it's the best feeling in the world, knowing she is there. Right there. How incredibly grateful I am for this blessing.

- Celebrating our three year wedding anniversary. G and I have now been together for a solid (almost) 11 years. It is crazy how the time has flown! We had a very relaxed celebration. My hubby treated me to dinner at the gorgeous Oyster Box hotel- What a spoil.
We spent most of the evening reflecting back on our 11 years of being together. From where we started; I was 17 years old, he was 18 years old ... Young, na├»ve, with SO much yet to learn and experience but yet so much love for each other. Completing school, then our University degrees, celebrating our 21st birthdays, getting our first 'real' jobs and seconds (and in my case, my third and fourth), all the while just growing more and more in love with each other. I am truly grateful to have so much history with one person. My person. My soul mate. We often think back on days gone by and smile. I am so grateful for this man. He was a FANTASTIC investment! ;) And now, three amazing years into marriage, more in love than ever before, and expecting our first baby, oh how much we still have to look forward to. I am so excited for our future.
- My beautiful baby shower organised by my mom and my three sisters. What a day. It felt so surreal. I have attended so many baby showers and always dreamed of what mine would be like one day. I honestly couldn't of imagined it to be ANY better than it was. Me and our baby girl were so spoilt, spoilt with SO MANY thoughtful and beautiful gifts but more so, spoilt with so much love. The love was tangible. It was a day I will always treasure.
What an amazing year this 2013 has been- Filled with so many momentous moments. I am so grateful for this year, for this life. For everything and everybody that is a part of it. It is so easy to become complacent, stuck in our ways and routines, that we forget to appreciate the small things in our everyday lives. We all do it. We tend to focus on the little 'negatives' and overlook the million little positives. I am doing my best to become allot more conscious of the positives, more appreciative, more patient and humble. It truly goes a long way. Our lives are filled with so much beauty and blessings.
So here's to 2013 (and the few days left of it). I am so excited for next year, I just cannot WAIT to meet our precious baby girl. I cannot wait to kiss her sweet face and little toes, just hold her and breathe her in. I thank God everyday for our miracle. He is so good.
Wishing you all a wonderful, relaxing Christmas and New Year. We are off to St Francis Bay on Sunday. Gearing up for the long 13 hour drive (blah) but looking forward to a full 10 days of sun, family and festive feasting! Look after yourselves and I'll see you in the New Year.
   Happy Holiday Partridges by Ecojot

Thursday, 19 December 2013

secret santa surprise

A good friend of mine, Kel from the blog {sunflowers and spears} organised (for the second year in a row) a blogger Secret Santa. Who doesn't love secret Santa surprises!?

I have just received my amazing package from {hello pretty} and oh how it was filled with SO MANY special surprises!!! I was spoilty delux!!

GORGEOUS wrapping!!

Oooooh la la!

Yankee Vanilla cupcake candle- ALWAYS wanted one of these- Such a spoil! How gorgeous is the swan jar!? Amazing! And filled with vinyl to decorate your own jars! Stunning clips from Bow Peep, beautiful brooch AND to top it off a R 50.00 voucher to spend on the Hello Pretty website! YIPEEEEE!!

Was I spoilt or what!?
Thanks again to Lee at {hello pretty} for the stunning spoils, and for the special 'congrats on the little girl' spoil- very naughty of you! And  thanks to Kel for organising such a fun event!

a very special day

I had my baby shower this past Sunday morning. And oh what a beautiful, perfect baby shower it was. To have a room filled with all my nearest and dearest friends and family, who have all been there in their own special way throughout this incredible journey to laugh and share in this day- A day that I have been dreaming, hoping and wishing for, for a VERY long time, and at times (many a time) there was a chance that it would never be a reality. I was spoilt beyond belief with gifts and love. It was such a lovely day!

Wasn't my cake gorgeous!?

Nom nom!

Delish food!

My sisters who put so much effort into this special occasion.

Me, my bump and my gorgeous baby daddy

Bunny thank you cookies