Monday, 28 November 2011

i heart nail polish

Looooving the Sublime Strawberry colour

Revlon has bought onto market the most delicious nail polishes ever (their new scented range). I bought Cotton Candy and Sublime Strawberry. Stunning colours and they smell delish (when dry). Other colours include Pretty in Papaya, Passion Fruit, Orange Pop, Beach & Ocean Breeze.

note to self

Friday, 25 November 2011

huge crush

I have had a crush on the cocoa and hearts paintings by Jen Ramos from made by girl. They are so pretty & would love too lovely in my home!

lancome christmas crackers

How COOL are these Lancome beauty crackers from selfridges? So much better than the usual ones you get with silly gimiky toys. Wouldn't mind cracking one of these on Christmas! :)

29 sleeeeeps

EEK! Its exactly a MONTH till Christmas!

Pinned Image

I absolutely LOVE this time of year, I just love eeeverything about Christmas!
All the festivities leading up to the day, the pressi shopping & wrapping, Christmas music (yes, i love it) & decorations, putting up the tree, special family time, baking christmas cookies- its my little sister & my tradition, with her being 10 years younger than me we used to bake Father Christmas special cookies each year, we haven't given up this tradition, we now bake them for the family (will post this recipe soon- its delish!) And of course that warm, giddy feeling that Christmas brings.

29 sleeeeeps to go!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

just ordered- julie & julia

Just ordered this book from (who are offering free delivery until the 30 Nov). I have been dying to read this book (before watching the movie) so cannot wait to get it.

If you looking for a great holiday read: "Julie and Julia is a true story of Julie who lives a boring and unsuccessful life. She decided to make her life worthy by cooking and blogging about Julia Child's recipes for 365 days. The story shows the life of the famous chef, Julia Child, her beginnings and way to success in 1950's as it intertwines to Julie's life at the present time and how Julia's life affects Julie's." Write up from here 

Sounds sweet doesn't it?

Monday, 21 November 2011

love your style

I ♥ christina of style-architects home & fashion style.

WANT that red dress!

dazzlingly decadent

Want to impress your guests, so much so that they lick their plates in gluttonous delight (is that a word!?) Well, this is the showstopping dessert that you have been looking for, easy peasy, super impressive, colourful & gorgeously glam!

For the full recipe and how to click HERE

Saturday, 19 November 2011

snap-edy snap

SNAP shooooes Lauren! Well, almost  ...
Bought these sexilicious babies from Mr Price

Thursday, 17 November 2011

triple chip cooookies

YES PLEASE! Oh my! All I want right now is a cuppa tea and a bucket of these!


I adore bakerella! Her delicious creations are just amazing!
Click HERE for this recipe!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

cake bunting

Just ordered this GORGEOUS cake bunting from The Selection (the most amazing online store- you HAVE to check it out) in both pink & black and red. So excited to receive it and decorate my cakes with it soon. Thanks Kendz for the link!

Click HERE to order

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

tea & ceremony

LOVE these mugs from tea and ceremony (such a cute shop name)
Anybody feel like buying me the heart mug? Has my name ALL over it! ;)

Image of Little Hearts MugImage of Little Hearts Mug
Image of Bonjour MugImage of Bonjour Mug
Image of Bunting MugImage of Bunting Mug

delightful decorations

How gorgeous are these decorations!? Made local & lekker by Caroline. Check out whats avail below & send your orders to

I have placed my order for some personalised Christmas tree decorations! Cant WAIT to get them!

Monday, 14 November 2011

love letter stationary

I got introduced to this gorgeous online store by coelhoculture. These are my fav picks! Especially love the personalised stamps & heart washi tap! Check out their site here