Monday, 26 September 2011

dove you're amazing

Ever felt silk between your fingers? Well, I hadn't either, until I washed my locks with Dove's new range of Intense Damage Therapy shampoo & conditioner. I was originally hesitant to try it, I mean Dove has never done hair stuff before how could their first batch be perfect right? My sister however, who has the same hair length & thickness as me bought this product & has not stopped singing its praises saying she just looooves washing her hair. Who loves washing their hair!? Well, I was convinced & anyhoo I love Doves products, I use Dove deo, soap and Summer Glow moisturiser, so decided I'd give it a go.

After one wash & about 2 minutes of conditioning, my hair felt light, clean & wonderfully nourished. And the comb effortlessly made its way through my wet tresses (this is usually a painful tug of war battle.)

After blow drying (which is honestly the biggest mission of my life), my hair was soft & silky. I'm talking salon quality people with NO fancy serums! Amazing!

My verdict: If you can get silky, shiny, easy to work with radiant hair with just an off shelf shampoo & conditioner which will cost you just over R100 why spend over R250 a bottle on salon brands? If you havent given it a try, do it! If you have, what are your thoughts?


  1. i recently tried the dove intensive repair range and was super impressed with it. i usually use salon products, but these are just as good (if not better!) and a bargain at the price. who doesn't like a bargain?

  2. Thanks for the recommendation - I've been looking for a new shampoo and conditioner - will def try this month :)


  3. I have tried it and I totally agree with you!!! AMAZING!!!!


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