Tuesday, 4 March 2014

my heart sings with joy

I received the most incredible news last night. A lady in Johannesburg came across my blog toward the end of last year and read my testimony about my infertility struggle, my journey and the miraculous news of my pregnancy. She herself was going through a similar struggle, many failed infertility treatments and at her wits end. My story inspired her and she made contact with me. I spoke her through my journey, how I changed my mind set, how I managed to let go of that control and hand it all over to our all powerful healer, Jesus and how I kept up the faith despite what doctors, friends and family said. We kept regular contact, I would check up on her and her progress, and her with me.

My hearts SINGS with joy to hear that she is PREGNANT! Naturally! After handing everything over to God. So incredibly happy for you Dale! I know that your story will now inspire many! Praise God for your miracle.

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