Thursday, 19 December 2013

a very special day

I had my baby shower this past Sunday morning. And oh what a beautiful, perfect baby shower it was. To have a room filled with all my nearest and dearest friends and family, who have all been there in their own special way throughout this incredible journey to laugh and share in this day- A day that I have been dreaming, hoping and wishing for, for a VERY long time, and at times (many a time) there was a chance that it would never be a reality. I was spoilt beyond belief with gifts and love. It was such a lovely day!

Wasn't my cake gorgeous!?

Nom nom!

Delish food!

My sisters who put so much effort into this special occasion.

Me, my bump and my gorgeous baby daddy

Bunny thank you cookies

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  1. So sad I couldn't be there as I was away but it looks like it was perfect for you!


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