Thursday, 19 September 2013

IT'S A ...

YES! Can you believe it!?
Our God heard our prayer loud and clear! He made us a promise and over delivered! Thank you Jesus for this precious 'pink' miracle.
We had our little ones gender reveal last night with our dear family and what an occasion it was!! We had our doctor confirm the sex- He wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it in a black envelope (so no peaking), we took it straight to a baker who baked us our gender reveal cake! The excitement leading up to this evening was UNBEARABLE to say the least! Haha.
Here are some pictures ...

The invite
Preparations ...


The table set up and ready for family to arrive

Cute 'boy or girl' cookies I made for the evening

Old Wive Tale predictions ... Pretty even Stevens!

Frankie, our first born girl ;) and I dressed in our guess!

Super excited soon to me momma and dad

Cutting the cake!!


Gorgeous tutu bought by her Aunty who just knew it would be a girl! We all laughed at the thought of it being a boy and then me opening this pressi! Haha.

The girls on my side! Adding ANOTHER one to this lot! Couldn't be happier! PS: Check out my 'bump' it has arrived!!

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  1. aaah i do like ur blog, this is so fancy!
    did u prepared all of those stuff by ur self? wow, so creative!
    and ur pregnancy, what a lovely girl inside ur bumps...healthy always
    ~ xx


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