Tuesday, 22 November 2011

just ordered- julie & julia

Just ordered this book from kalahari.com (who are offering free delivery until the 30 Nov). I have been dying to read this book (before watching the movie) so cannot wait to get it.

If you looking for a great holiday read: "Julie and Julia is a true story of Julie who lives a boring and unsuccessful life. She decided to make her life worthy by cooking and blogging about Julia Child's recipes for 365 days. The story shows the life of the famous chef, Julia Child, her beginnings and way to success in 1950's as it intertwines to Julie's life at the present time and how Julia's life affects Julie's." Write up from here 

Sounds sweet doesn't it?


  1. I haven't read the book but I liked the movie, considering I always read the book before watching the movie!

    Happy reading! Please tell me what you think of the book :)

  2. I read this recently...such a good book. Makes you want to don an apron straight away and head for the kitchen. I did a little review of it too..




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