Monday, 6 June 2011

i heart & the corner cafe

Hubs & I spent a fantastic Saturday together, first stop- I Heart Market where we had hot pancakes & macaroons for brekki & then shopped to our hearts content! Hubs bought an awesome thrifted grey jacket from the thrift collection for 90 rond! What a deal. I FINALLY bought myself a wooden 'jack' from the ikhaya stand, after much thought, I named him Pedro & he stands very happily on our TV unit! I also bought some vintage childrens books from the hey cherry stand & hubs bought me a gorgeous heart ring from gen motley. Spoilt!

Next stop was the Corner Cafe! What an awesome spot! They are an eco-restaurant who try to conduct business in a manner that least disrupts the environment. Beverages are ordered in glass bottles, no plastic or tin. They do not stock plastic straws & serviettes are linen not paper. All washing & cleaning is done with dolphin friendly detergents. Excess kitchen scraps are fed into their wormery & turned into worm tea which in turns feeds their garden from which they grow their herbs. Cool huh?
Defintely one of the best cappucino's I have ever had! Loved the sign at the door and ALL the hearts!! Espec the one carved out of the tree outside!

Corner Cafe deets: 031 201 0219


  1. thanks so much for the awesome post! so glad that you are happy with pedro! was nice to meet you on saturday!

  2. Hi Rhenda! It was so great to meet you too! LOVE Pedro! Will def see you at the next I Heart :) x


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