Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I am sew (lame I know but just go with it) very excited! I start my sewing lessons tonight. Sewing has always been a skill that I have wanted to perfect but never had the patience or motivation to learn. My mother is amazing with a sewing machine! All of our clothing growing up was made lovingly by her, she made the curtains for our home, the bridemaids dresses for my wedding and is constantly bombarded with minor but highly time consuming alteration requests. She is too thrilled I am finally learning this invaluable skill!

I have a few (ambitious) ideas in mind on what I would like to make, I have got to start small first though so tonight I am planning to make a table cloth. I found this gorgeous baby blue and white heart print (no surprises here) fabric and just think it would look too lovely as a table cloth!
Will keep you posted on my creations! Yay!*
image via love sugar design

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  1. I have been thinking bout doing sewing myself. Where are you doing it, would love to also do something productive with my days at home.


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