Friday, 25 February 2011

Hooray! Finally Friday has arrived and the weekend is almost about to begin! 

I have a wonderfully eventful weekend planned! Tomorrow is the Miss Moneypenny end of Summer sale! Frikkin CANNOT wait! Just adore their range of flirty floral dresses and tops. Lunching with the hubby then off to my beautiful friends Jen and Sticks engagement party! They are getting married on the 23 July this year aaaand im a bridesmaid! Yipee! Looking forward to celebrating their love with them and all my gorgeous friends! Sunday i'll be off to the beach to support my baby sister (aka Poopsie) in her Life-saving champs! Little Poop is off to CPT for SA champs shortly! So proud of her. Praying for beautiful weather cos im in desperate need of a tan!*

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