Thursday, 17 February 2011

hello and welcome to my blog

Let me start by introducing myself.

My name is Samantha de Lange. I am a newly (and very happily) married young woman who is passionate about fashion, interiors, and anything that involves hearts (the decorative type). I am heart obsessed. I love blogs! I have my favorites bookmarked and regularly visit each one to go through their latest blog posts! After much ummming and aaahing I decided I wanted to create a blog. My own personal creative space. I don't have anything to sell, nor am I a fantastic writer. To be honest I hardly ever read text, I just love looking at the pictures so MY blog is going to feature everything and anything that inspires me. Everything I heart. So please feel free to pop in every now and then for some inspiration, because sometimes I think its all you need to jump start a day.

So to start off ...


  1. GREAT start my friend! WELL DONE Sammy!
    Looking forward to being an avid follower x

  2. Yay! Welcome...

    First Cals, then Niks and now you! SO glad you are all hopping on the bandwagon!

    Love you pretty friend!


  3. Hey Samson, I am your newest follower! Do you read my blog dear?



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